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Wiz, bang, zoom, so what??

That was the title for a industry article in the Corporate video production industy years ago. This was at a time in the industry when the first mention of non-linear editing and using personal computers to do effects on video. Now "Uncle Joe" could snaz up his videos, or even go out and shoot video with his camcorder and make it look "professional" with all kinds of cool transitions.

The author was trying to convey a clear message many of the "part-timers" or non professionals just did not understand. All these fancy transitions, and cuts and effects are meaningless unless they have a purpose. Video and film is supposed to be seamless, you should not be distracted from the message with all kinds of wipes and dissolves.

So what is MY point? The very same thing is true, even to this day, with Real Estate websites. Almost 5 years ago I started seeing a trend in Commercial Real Estate here in Michigan. How companies and corporations searched for office space for lease, industrial space for sale, retail space for rent, how to market commercial space. Here in South East Michigan marketing commercial and industrial space, and finding office and retail space to lease or purchase is difficult. Or at least it was until I launched CommercialRealEstateMichigan.NET .  

Sure when websites started to become popular, commercial brokerage houses started websites. Actually most every real estate company launched or maintains a website. The problem is most everyone jumped on the bandwagon just because "everyone has one, we should have one too". All the properties they have listed, fancy photos, and searches, videos. Wiz, Bang, Zoom, So What? - All that means nothing if the consumer can't find it!!

Commercial Real Estate Michigan .NET was launched and is run for the Commercial, Office, Industrial, and Retail business. Even large corporations have found the website useful and a necessary part of securing their facilities and real estate.

The website has been a great success over the past 5 years, helping many companies both large and small with their commercial real estate needs.

Commercial Real Estate Michigan has also proved out another very dynamic shift here in the south east michigan market. How commercial real estate will best me marketed, and how business will best be represented has shifted in a major way. How that is starting to change is very exciting, look for more details in a later post.

James Iodice

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Commercial Real Estate Michigan NET
Wiz, bang, zoom, so what?? That was the title for a industry article in the Corporate video production industy years ago. This was at a time in the industry when the first mention of non-linear editing and using personal computers to do… more